Candidates for Stay-Focused programs are assessed on their ability to contribute to the program and complete the program successfully. Based on the collective experience of Stay-Focused medical doctors, coaches, and dive instructors, here are some guidelines.

Overall, it is important candidates be physically, mentally, and psychologically prepared for this rigorous program. In general, candidates are between the ages of 13 and 17, mobility-challenged, and good swimmers (or at least comfortable in the water). There is no age limit. Twenty-one-year-old college students have participated in the program.

Many, but not all participants use wheelchairs. It is important participants have good upper body strength, and helpful if they are actively involved in sports.

Candidates must be comfortable and able to travel independently. It is also important that parents are enthusiastic and supportive of their son or daughter participating in the program.

While each candidate must receive clearance from a medical doctor to participate in the program, here are additional considerations…

Candidates must:

  • Be at least six months post-surgery
  • Not have certain implantable devices, e.g., intrathecal baclofen pumps
  • Be, if applicable, seizure-free for five years without anti-seizure medication
  • Not have a history of reactive airway disease, i.e., Asthma
  • Not have a history of diabetes
  • Be able to cognitively handle the academic components of the program
  • Be independent in personal care

Participants in Stay-Focused programs have had the following conditions: Amputations, arthrogryposis, cerebral palsy, epiphyseal dysplasia, osteogenesis imperfecta, polio, spina bifida, spinal cord injuries, and transverse myelitis.

Candidates for Stay-Focused are typically referred to the Program Director from coaches, or previous participants and their parents.

Questions should be addressed to Roger Muller, Founder/President,, or by calling (917-332-0014).

“Diving was one of the hardest, yet most gratifying experiences I’ve ever accomplished. Everything was worth it, once I was underwater and got to see a whole new world.”

– Johileny Meran, Stay-Focused diver, 2016.