We started our Caymanian Internship Program in 2014 to build awareness in Cayman for the potential of all persons with disabilities. Our Cayman interns have learned a lot from their experiences and serve as ambassadors for Stay-Focused in the Cayman community. We are delighted to count Trent, Ricardo, Janessa, Emily, Keanu, Jaeda, Ashley, Martina, Valentina, Jason, Marcus, Tareek, and Carol among our ambassadors.

We are delighted to announce that Jason Ricketts, who joined our team as an intern for the first time in 2022, returned in the summer of 2023 and assisted our divers on all four programs. Based on his outstanding performance, we created a new position, and going forward Jason will be the Manager of our Caymanian Internship Program.

Jason Ricketts and Roger Muller, August 2023

“Being Manager of the Caymanian Internship Program means a lot to me and proves when I work hard to achieve my goals, the hard work will pay off.” – Jason Ricketts

In August 2023, Norma Connelly interviewed our Caymanian interns and wrote this piece for the Cayman Compass. View Article 1 | View Article 2

In 2014, Trent Jackson and Ricardo Martinez were our first two interns, each joining a week-long SCUBA diving certification program for first-time divers with disabilities. The intent of the internship program is to give each intern the opportunity to assist our divers both in and out of the water, while learning about the challenges our divers face in the process. It’s a rewarding experience for both the interns and our divers, as they learn from one another, while learning to dive and enjoying activities. Our able-bodied interns get certified in diving along with our participants, and, in the end, friendships are formed. The ultimate “take-away” is having our interns become ambassadors of Stay-Focused, and working with us to promote disability awareness in Cayman.

We initially sourced our interns from Clifton Hunter High School (CHHS) and in 2018 (for the first time) recruited an intern, Ashley Ebanks, from John Gray High School. Both Ashley and Martina assisted first-time divers with disabilities in and out of the water and were clearly impressed by their independence and determination. A Cayman Compass article written by reporter Spencer Fordin at the end of the summer highlights their impressions of the program and celebrates the impact the program (and the divers) had on them. VIEW ARTICLE.

In 2019, Valentina Bustos, our second intern from John Gray High School, joined our team of Caymanian interns. At the end of the summer, the Cayman Compass published a nice article featuring Valentina, along with fellow interns Ashley Ebanks and Martina Burton. VIEW ARTICLE.

In 2022, Jason Ricketts and Marcus Lagman, both students at John Gray High School, joined our programs as first-time Caymanian interns. And Valentina Bustos, who had interned with Stay-Focused in 2019, rejoined divers for their “reunion” program following a three-year pause due to COVID.

Ryan Chalmers, Stay-Focused’s Director of Development (forefront) L-R Valentina Bustos, Jason Ricketts, Marcus Lagman

At the end of the summer, Norma Connolly interviewed our Caymanian Interns and wrote this nice article for the Cayman Compass. View Article 1 | View Article 2