We are delighted we have received 11 BIBs for this year’s 2024 TCS New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 3rd, and to be a Charity Partner for the seventh time. We have set an ambitious team fund-raising goal of $130,000 and are confident we will surpass our goal. All our runners have committed to raising at least $5,000. All funds raised will support our programs in Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands) in 2025.

Highlighted below are the members of Team Stay-Focused 2024. The TCS New York City Marathon has become our most effective and successful annual fundraiser. We appreciate your support and trust you will donate in recognition of our runners who are committed to raising funds for our programs.

Our Runners


Roger Muller

Hometown: New York City, New York

Reason for Running: “Following my completion of the New York City Marathon in 2022, I was sure I would never run it again, as it was a rough run due to injuries in the weeks leading up to the Marathon. In 2023, however, while watching our Charity Partner Team runners cross the Finish Line, my good friend Luca Minasola who was with me at the time (and had run the NYC Marathon with me in 2022), said we should run it again in 2024 … it would be my ‘last dance’ around the five boroughs, and that got me thinking, perhaps one more time at the age of 75. And, so, I have committed to running this year and raising at least $75,000 for our programs. Motivated by Luca, ‘Go Big or Go Home’ has become my running mantra and taken on special meaning for me this year.”


Paul Henry

Hometown: London, UK

Reason for Running: “I’m deeply passionate about the transformative power of running for both mental and physical well-being. I’m excited to run and fundraise for Stay Focused, supporting a vital cause that offers high school students life-changing experiences. This organization empowers and fosters confidence, making a significant difference in young lives.”

Image of Mike Mcdonald

Mike Mcdonald

Hometown: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Reason for Running: “Running has always been a therapeutic experience for me, and I’ve always wanted to try pushing myself with new challenges. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to support such a great cause while taking part in such an incredible event.”

Image of Martin Dolfi

Martin Dolfi

Hometown: New York, New York

Reason for Running: “In 2023, I stood on the brink of a dream, ready to lace up my running shoes for the iconic NYC Marathon. Life, however, had other plans, and illness held me back. But some dreams refuse to be dimmed by setbacks. At age 42, I’m no marathon veteran. Yet, I’m fueled by a challenge that runs deeper than the 26.2 miles before me. This year, I run not just for myself, but for a cause close to my heart — Stay-Focused. This extraordinary charity empowers young minds to explore beneath the waves, teaching resilience, courage, and the beauty of our oceans through scuba diving. Every step I take is a step towards a brighter future for these kids, a testament to the power of staying focused on our goals, no matter the hurdles life places in our path. Join me in this journey, for every stride we make together is a ripple that turns the tide for a better tomorrow.”

Image of Luca Minasola

Luca Minasola

Hometown: Palermo Sicily

Reason for Running: “If you love something, if you have strong passion for something, you will go to the extreme to get it! I call this passion, and this is what Roger and Stay-Focused transmits to me.”

Image of Michael Manzo

Michael Manzo

Hometown: Heath, TX

Reason for Running: “After years of trying different gyms, workout programs and activities, none of them stuck and working out became more of a chore rather than enjoyable. Once I started running and joined a running group in 2023, I immediately became hooked. My mental and physical health has never been better, and I have completed several half marathons. As a lifelong certified scuba diver, I am excited to support Stay-Focused and their mission to empower disabled teens through scuba certification and leadership programs.”


Justin McCall

Hometown: Franklin, TN

Reason for Running: “I think it is important to do things that challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone, and when I learned of the opportunity to represent Stay-Focused at the NYC Marathon in 2024 I couldn’t pass it up. I have been working on my fitness intentionally for the last year but was lacking a big goal to bring it all together. Very excited to tackle a challenging bucket list goal with lifelong friends and support an amazing organization.”


Donovan Dorsey

Hometown: Heath, TX

Reason for Running: “My one and only running thought when I’m tired, bored, hurting, is “just keep swimming… just keep swimming…”from Finding Nemo. It captures running’s simplicity and frames how easily so many of life’s challenges can be solved by showing up and putting one foot in front of the other. As my running thought comes from the ocean, I’m excited that running in the NYC Marathon will give more teens the chance to experience the ocean’s underwater majesty and, hopefully, unlock life skills to help them through life’s marathon.”


Matthew O’Keeffe

Hometown: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Reason for Running: “Training for a marathon is no small feat. It requires unwavering dedication, discipline, and resilience. Yet, with each mile, I am reminded of the individuals whose struggles far surpass the challenges I face on the pavement. It is their resilience that propels me forward, their stories that fuel my determination, and their unwavering spirit that drives me to run the extra mile. Stay-Focused is a fantastic charity and I’m proud to pull on the jersey.”


Mary Courtin

Hometown:Rockwall, TX

Reason for Running: “Hard is a matter of perspective.”

Image of LEE PARRY

Lee Parry

Hometown: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Reason for Running: “It’s been a lifelong goal of mine to complete a full Marathon and what better city to do it than New York? One of my favorite cities in the US. Running has been an important part of my life for the past 10 years, helping balance an active lifestyle, manage stress, and eat the things I want. So excited and proud to be supporting Stay-Focused, a brilliant organization helping kids and young adults realize life changing experiences.”


Gina Johnson

Hometown: Southlake, TX

Reason for Running: “I run because it’s hard for me. My two little girls need to know that WE DO HARD THINGS to better ourselves. And when we better ourselves we can better others. What better way to lead than by example? This will be my first marathon, and I am honored to be doing it with Stay-Focused to fulfill my goal of improving myself in the pursuit of helping others!”


We hope you will make a donation in support of our runners and Stay-Focused. All funds raised directly support our programs for teens with disabilities.

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