Stay-Focused programs are typically conducted during the summer months when participants are out of school and free to travel to the Cayman Islands. Grand Cayman, the home of our diving programs, offers the ideal environment for new and returning divers. The water is warm year-round, which is important for anyone with paralysis; the visibility is great; there is little, if any, current, which ensures safer dives; and the dive sites are close to shore, making for short travel times on the dive boat.

It is often said water is the great equalizer, and that is particularly relevant for our diving population. Our divers are free to enjoy diving in the same way as anyone else, which makes it different from most other sports.


First-time Diver Program

This program is a seven-day, Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), certification program. On completion of their academic and diving training, participants receive their SCUBA Diver certification card, and are able to dive anywhere in the world with a Dive Master or Instructor. CLICK HERE to review our candidate assessment profile.

Reunion“Reunion” Program

All Stay-Focused divers are invited for a “Reunion” program, one year after their first program. Reunion programs last six days, and follow a schedule similar to the first-time diver program, but are more relaxed, because there is no need to spend time on academics or confined-water skills. Following a “refresher” dive on the first full day of the program, participants focus on refining their diving skills, team-building, and having fun.

first-timeMentor Programs

These programs are designed to bring Stay-Focused mentors together, along with facilitators and Stay-Focused staff, to engage in leadership development workshops and team-building activities. Stay-Focused mentors are the emerging leaders in the organization, and it is important to the success of the organization to have them involved in all aspects of Stay-Focused, from their roles in guiding and mentoring divers, to supporting the organization’s development.

“My nerves quickly disappeared once I arrived in the beautiful Cayman Islands. I challenged myself, learned new skills, and formed friendships I hope will last forever. Roger and Ryan showed me I can do anything I set my mind to. I hope many more children get to have this opportunity, and I look forward to hearing about their adventures!”

– Emma Albert, Stay-Focused diver, 2015.