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Stay-Focused Update (May 2020)

Based on conversations with Stay-Focused board members, coaches, doctors, and our major sponsors in Cayman, we realize we will not be able to run our programs this summer. Having run programs consecutively for 16 years, this is both disappointing and disheartening, as we were all looking forward to a fun summer, certifying first-time divers and welcoming back our reunion divers. We will miss our time having meals together, exploring the underwater world, and relaxing with friends. But we will be back in one year’s time, so for now, we wish all you and your families good health.

In the months ahead, we build on the success you have helped us achieve and prepare for our return to Cayman next year. We will keep you up-to-date on our activities and progress with emails, social media posts, and here on our website.

We are all in this together … Be well, remain strong, and stay focused!

We empower teens with disabilities through SCUBA certification and leadership development programs

From the moment they enter the water, Stay-Focused participants experience a world without limitations. For most participants, SCUBA diving offers a level of independence unattainable in their daily lives, providing freedom of movement without the help of adaptive equipment. Leadership development programs taught by a distinguished group of corporate and community leaders further encourage participants to translate this newfound freedom into their daily lives, giving them the confidence to pursue their greatest ambitions.

Photos and Video: In July/August 2018, we were fortunate to have the support of talented photographers/videographers whose images appear throughout our recently-updated website. Many thanks to Sean Crothers and Elly Wray (elly@ellywray.com), Richard Apple (ApplecorpsPhotography.com), and Jim Gates (info@bds.ky)


All funds raised directly benefit the teens and young adults with disabilities who participate in Stay-Focused certification and leadership development programs. Contributions at any level will be most appreciated.

Stay-Focused is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. Contributions in the United States are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.
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Donations by Check

Please make your check payable to Stay-Focused.

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Stay-Focused Inc.
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Grand Cayman

Genesis Trust & Corporate Services LTD
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If you would like to donate stocks or mutual funds to Stay-Focused, and have an existing brokerage account, here is the information you need.

Account title: Stay-Focused, Inc.
Account number: 33017041
DTC: 0445 StockCross Financial

Questions should be directed to: Ed Shaughnessy
Customer Service Manager
Ed.Shaughnessy@ Stockcross.com
800-225-6196 x 2244

In the Cayman Islands, funds can easily be transferred to our Butterfield Accounts.
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